BC Laws Buzz

                                December 2019

                                New Historical Content

                                Queen's Printer is pleased to announce the addition of the Historical Annual Statutes dating back to 1858.

                                January 2019

                                New Civil Resolution Tribunal Legislation

                                The new Tribunal Small Claims Regulation effective January 1, 2019 is now available.

                                October 2018

                                New Cannabis Legislation

                                The new acts and regulations enacted as of
                                October 17th, 2018 are now available.

                                May 2018

                                Local Government Act

                                Local Government Act

                                Amendments effective May 31, 2018 for the Local Government Act are now available.

                                March 2018

                                Property Transfer Tax Act

                                Property Transfer Tax Act

                                Amendments effective March 15, 2018 for the Property Transfer Tax Act are now available.

                                December 2017

                                Consolidated Regulations of BC (PDF)

                                Unofficial consolidations of BC Regulations in PDF format are now available. See the User Guide for more information.

                                November 2017

                                Health Professions Act

                                Amendments effective November 2, 2017 for the Health Professions Act are now available.

                                Environmental Management Act

                                Amendments effective October 30, 2017 for the Environmental Management Act are now available.

                                June 2017

                                New - Amended Civil Resolution Tribunal Act

                                Amendments effective June 1, 2017 for the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act are now available.

                                New - Amended Small Claims Rules (BC Reg 261/93)

                                Now available the consolidated Small Claims Rules with the new amendments effective June 1, 2017

                                March 2017

                                Great Bear Rainforest (Forest Management) Act

                                The new Great Bear Rainforest (Forest Management) Act with the recent amendments of March 7, 2017 is now available.

                                Provincial Immigration Programs Regulation (BC Reg 20/2017)

                                To learn more about the Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP), click here

                                January 2017

                                Fish and Seafood Act

                                Seafood on a plate

                                The new Fish and Seafood Act and associated regulations effective January 1st, 2017 are now available.

                                November 2016

                                New Societies Act

                                society image

                                The new Societies Act effective November 28th, 2016 is now available.

                                September 2016

                                Real Estate Services Act

                                The Real Estate Services Act consolidated with the recent amendments effective September 30th.

                                Private Training Act

                                New: Act

                                The Private Training Act brought in force on September 1st is now available.

                                August 2016

                                Bill 28 - Miscellaneous Statutes (Housing Priority Initiatives) Amendment Act, 2016

                                Civil Tribunal Act

                                Available in Third Reading Bill format,

                                The following legislation was amended by Bill 28, effective August 2, 2016

                                July 2016

                                Civil Tribunal Act

                                The Civil Resolution Tribunal Act enacted July 13th, 2016 is now available.

                                Index of Current BC Regulations

                                Amendments effective July 1st, 2016 for the Supreme Court Civil Rules and Supreme Court Family Rules are now available.

                                June 2016

                                The Index of Current BC Regulations are now available in pdf format.

                                April 2016

                                QP LegalEze to be discontinued effective April 29, 2016

                                Queen's Printer is pleased to announce the completion of content migration from QP LegalEze to BC Laws, as originally announced in March 2014 once this content migration was completed QP LegalEze would be discontinued.

                                March 2016

                                Water Sustainability Act and the following new regulations are now in effect.

                                January 2016

                                Revised Local Government Act

                                Local Government Act Revision effective January 1, 2016

                                December 2015

                                Queen's Printer is pleased to announce the addition of the following content collections:

                                • Act and Ministry Responsibilities Listing
                                • Archived Consolidations of Statutes - Includes Pre-1996 and Post-1996 Consolidations
                                • Archived Consolidations of Regulations - Includes Consolidations from April 2003 to present
                                • Bills - Includes Progress of Bills tables with links to Bills and Hansard Debates
                                • Consolidated Provisions in Force - A list of Statutes enacted, amended or repealed between the 1997 and January 2012 sessions
                                • Defunct Regulations - Full text of Repealed Regulations from August 1, 2003 to present
                                • Minister of Finance Directives - Issued under Section 47(1) of the Financial Administration Act and are necessary to introduce or changes fees when there is no other legislation available; considered as a temporary measure; authorized for cross-government purposes; or during a crisis or urgent situation.
                                • Ministerial Order - Includes subordinate legislation made under the authority of a minister, or an authorized official or body. Orders are generally used to handle day-to-day administrative matters. While most orders are administrative in nature, some may be classed as regulations.
                                • Proclamations - A provincial proclamation is a recognition by government of events or occasions held by groups on their own behalf or for the general public
                                • Regulation Bulletin - Includes a weekly summary of the Regulations deposited with the Registrar of Regulations under the Regulations Act. The Cumulative Bulletin lists all regulations deposited during a calendar year. Also available within the bulletin are hyperlinks to the full text Order-in-Council or Ministerial Order and BC Gazette Part II.
                                • Rules of Court and Related Enactments - A collection of all legislation that governs court procedures in British Columbia
                                • Table of Repealed, Replaced and Renamed Public Statutes - A resource for tracking outdated legislation, covering Public Statutes from 1897 to April 29, 2011

                                To learn more on the various content collections visit our Glossary

                                July 2015

                                Now available Expropriation Compensation Board (ECB) Decisions from 1988 to 2006.

                                May 2015

                                Now available Corporate Registry Notices – includes notices of company and extra-provincial company filings. The registry includes data from January 2003 to present.

                                February 2015

                                Now available Private, Special and Local Acts – includes all current private, special and local acts from 1950 to the present.

                                Now available Gazette Part I – published weekly under the authority of the Queen's Printer Act. The Gazette contains published legal notices such as Calling for Tenders, Forest Development Plans, and Notice to Creditors. It includes issues from January 2003 to present.

                                December 2014

                                Now available BC Gazette Part II – The electronic version of the BC Gazette Part II has the complete text of all new and amended regulations deposited under the Regulations Act in a fully-searchable format. It includes issues from October 2001 to present.

                                August 2014

                                Queen's printer is pleased to announce the release of the following new features:

                                • Favourites – limit your search to specific act(s) or regulation(s)
                                • Enhanced Navigating within searched documents in the statutes and regulations content collection
                                • Search by document type
                                • 4 different search result viewing options
                                • Refine searching - search within existing search results
                                • A user guide has been developed to provide additional details on these new features.

                                May 2014

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