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              This Act is current to March 31, 2021
              See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act’s legislative history, including any changes not in force.

              Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

              [RSBC 1996] CHAPTER 165

              Part 1 — Introductory Provisions
              2Purposes of this Act
              3Scope of this Act
              Part 2 — Freedom of Information
              Division 1 — Information Rights and How to Exercise Them
              4Information rights
              5How to make a request
              6Duty to assist applicants
              7Time limit for responding
              8Contents of response
              9How access will be given
              10Extending the time limit for responding
              11Transferring a request
              Division 2 — Exceptions
              12Cabinet and local public body confidences
              13Policy advice or recommendations
              14Legal advice
              15Disclosure harmful to law enforcement
              16Disclosure harmful to intergovernmental relations or negotiations
              17Disclosure harmful to the financial or economic interests of a public body
              18Disclosure harmful to the conservation of heritage sites, etc.
              19Disclosure harmful to individual or public safety
              20Information that will be published or released within 60 days
              21Disclosure harmful to business interests of a third party
              22Disclosure harmful to personal privacy
              22.1Disclosure of information relating to abortion services
              Division 3 — Notice to Third Parties
              23Notifying the third party
              24Time limit and notice of decision
              Division 4 — Public Interest Paramount
              25Information must be disclosed if in the public interest
              Part 3 — Protection of Privacy
              Division 1 — Collection, Protection and Retention of Personal Information by Public Bodies
              26Purpose for which personal information may be collected
              27How personal information is to be collected
              27.1When personal information is not collected
              28Accuracy of personal information
              29Right to request correction of personal information
              30Protection of personal information
              30.1Storage and access must be in Canada
              30.2Obligation to report foreign demand for disclosure
              30.3Whistle-blower protection
              30.4Unauthorized disclosure prohibited
              30.5Notification of unauthorized disclosure
              31Retention of personal information
              31.1Application to employees and others
              Division 2 — Use and Disclosure of Personal Information by Public Bodies
              32Use of personal information
              33Disclosure of personal information
              33.1Disclosure inside or outside Canada
              33.2Disclosure inside Canada only
              33.3Disclosure of personal information in records available to public without request
              34Definition of consistent purpose
              35Disclosure for research or statistical purposes
              36Disclosure for archival or historical purposes
              Division 3 — Data-linking Initiatives
              36.1Data-linking initiatives
              Part 4 — Office and Powers of Information and Privacy Commissioner
              37Appointment of commissioner
              38Resignation, removal or suspension of commissioner
              39Acting commissioner
              40Salary, expenses and benefits of commissioner
              41Staff of commissioner
              42General powers of commissioner
              43Power to authorize a public body to disregard requests
              44Powers of commissioner in conducting investigations, audits or inquiries
              44.1Maintenance of order at hearings
              44.2Contempt proceeding for uncooperative person
              45Statements made to the commissioner not admissible in evidence
              46Protection against libel or slander actions
              47Restrictions on disclosure of information by the commissioner and staff
              48Protection of commissioner and staff
              49Delegation by commissioner
              50Role of Ombudsperson
              51Annual report of commissioner
              Part 5 — Reviews and Complaints
              Division 1 — Reviews by the Commissioner
              52Right to ask for a review
              53How to ask for a review
              54Notifying others of review
              54.1Order for severing of records
              55Mediation may be authorized
              56Inquiry by commissioner
              57Burden of proof
              58Commissioner's orders
              59Duty to comply with orders
              59.01Enforcement of orders of commissioner
              Division 2 — Investigations and Reviews by Adjudicator
              59.1References to commissioner
              60Adjudicator to investigate complaints and review decisions
              60.1Disregard of request under section 5 or 29
              61Powers, duties and protections of adjudicator
              62Right to ask for a review
              63How to ask for a review
              64Notifying others of review
              65Conduct and outcome of the review
              Part 6 — General Provisions
              66Delegation by the head of a public body
              67Consultative committee
              68Annual report of minister
              69General information respecting use of personal information
              69.1Public information regarding health information banks
              69.2Provincial identity information services provider
              70Policy manuals available without request
              71Records available without request
              71.1Records that ministries must disclose
              73Protection of public body from legal suit
              73.1Recovery of personal information
              73.2Court order for return of personal information
              74General offences and penalties
              74.1Privacy protection offences
              76Power to make regulations
              76.1Ministerial regulation making power
              77Power to make bylaws
              79Relationship of Act to other Acts
              80Review of Act
              81Right to disclose preserved
              Schedule 1
              Schedule 2
              Schedule 3