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              This Act is current to March 24, 2021
              See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act’s legislative history, including any changes not in force.

              Motor Vehicle Act

              [RSBC 1996] CHAPTER 318

              Part 1
              2Application of Act
              3Registration, licence and insurance
              3.1Exemptions — registration, licence and insurance
              4Restriction on registration
              6Payment of premium
              7Underage applicants
              8Licences for farm tractors
              9Special licence for motor vehicles used in industry
              10Special licence for tractors, etc.
              11Carrying of licence
              12Number plates
              14Change of address or name
              15Notice of change made in motor vehicle
              16New vehicle identification numbers
              17Transfer of motor vehicle
              17.1Irreparable and salvage vehicles
              18Transfer on death if estate small
              19Registration of dissolved company suspended
              20Notice of removal or destruction of motor vehicle
              21Registration of foreign motor vehicles and trailers
              22Reciprocal arrangements
              23Classes of drivers' licences
              25Application for licence
              25.01Retention or seizure of records
              25.1Remedial courses and programs for drivers
              25.2Mandatory programs for drivers
              25.3Matters related to courses and programs for drivers
              26Refusal to issue a licence, permit, etc.
              26.1Cancellation of driver's licence
              27Short term driver's licence
              28Inspection of vehicles and refusal to issue licence
              28.1Not in force. Repealed.
              28.2Inspection of vehicles and refusal of licence or permit
              28.3Refusal to issue licence and plates for irreparable and salvage vehicles
              29Examination of licensees
              30No refund for driver's licence fee
              31Change of address or name
              32Application for minor's licence
              33Production of licence and liability card, duplicates
              34Exemption of non-resident and new resident drivers
              36Municipal chauffeur permits
              37Employment of unlicensed driver
              38Demonstration licence
              39Inspections respecting demonstration licences
              40Refund of fees
              41Transporters' licences
              42Manufacturer's licence
              43Operation of motor vehicle by customer
              44Repairer's licence
              45Operation of demonstration cars by written consent
              47Pollution control devices on motor vehicles
              51Issuance of new number plate or validation decal
              52Carrying of revenue receipt in place of licence
              56Letting vehicles for hire
              57Used vehicle records and plates
              58Removal or obliteration of engine or vehicle identification number prohibited
              60Term and duration of licences
              61Cancellation of driver's licence
              63Rebate of part of licence fees
              64Recovery of licence fees
              66Persons authorized to take affidavits
              68Duty of driver at accident
              69False statements, misuse of number plates, licence, identification card or permit
              70Use of another's licence or permit; failure to permit inspection
              71Production of motor vehicle licences
              72Transporting animals
              73Failing to stop and state name
              74Alteration and use of fictitious number plates or documents
              75General offence
              76No suspended sentence where minimum punishment
              77Application of fines
              78Limitation of actions
              79Arrest without warrant
              80Onus of proof of licence
              81Evidence of licence or permit
              82Records and proof
              82.1Electronic records
              83Liability of owner for contravention of Act
              83.1Liability of owner for speeding and traffic light violations
              83.2Certificate as evidence
              84Duty to give information
              86Responsibility of owner or lessee in certain cases
              87Liability of partners
              88Liability of licensees for offences of employees
              Part 2 — Suspensions of Licences and Prohibitions from Driving
              89Deemed suspension
              90Suspension and cancellation of vehicle licences, etc.
              90.1-90.2Not in force. Repealed.
              90.312 hour suspension
              90.4Driving while suspended
              91Prohibition against driving if there is an unsatisfied judgment
              92Prohibition against driving relating to fitness or ability to drive
              93Prohibition against driving by superintendent
              93.1Access to driving records
              93.2Notification by superintendent of prohibition action
              94Appeal of prohibition against driving
              94.1Notice of driving prohibition
              94.2Effect of notice of driving prohibition
              94.3Duties of peace officer
              94.4Review of driving prohibition
              94.6Decision of the superintendent
              95Driving while prohibited
              96Driver to surrender licence
              97Notice of prohibition
              97.1Driver's licence forwarded to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
              97.2Amount payable to reinstate driver's licence
              98Court prohibition against driving
              99Automatic prohibition against driving on conviction
              100Prohibition against driving for failing to stop
              101Stay of prohibition against driving
              102Driving while prohibited by court order or operation of law
              103Deemed prior convictions
              104Reporting conviction or judgment
              106Proof of financial responsibility
              107Service of unlicensed insurer
              108Notice to insurer
              109Implied covenant
              110Default of insurer
              111Issue of financial responsibility card
              112Cancellation of financial responsibility card
              113Garage and sales agency policy
              114Return of security given in proof
              115Information to be furnished by Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
              116Certified abstract
              116.1Director of Commercial Vehicle Safety and staff
              117Superintendent may delegate
              117.1Application of Administrative Tribunals Act to decisions of the superintendent
              118Appointment of superintendent and staff
              Part 2.1 — Appeals and Show Cause Hearings
              118.2Superintendent may assign appeal officers
              118.4Right to show cause to the superintendent against certain proposed actions
              118.5Show cause procedure
              118.6Show cause hearing decisions
              118.7Right of appeal — certain other decisions
              118.8Appeal procedure
              118.9Written submissions
              118.91Powers of superintendent on an appeal
              Part 2.2 — Show Cause Hearings and Reconsiderations about Commercial Motor Vehicles
              118.96Cancellations and restrictions
              118.97Right to show cause and request for reconsideration
              118.98General reconsideration power of the director
              118.99Show cause hearings and reconsiderations
              118.991Direction to cancel commercial vehicle licences and permits
              118.992Power to make regulations
              Part 3
              121Construction and maintenance vehicles
              122Exemption for emergency vehicles
              123Police traffic direction
              124Municipal powers
              124.1Not in force
              124.2Additional municipal powers
              125Obeying traffic controls
              125.1Traffic control signals inoperative
              126Traffic control signals
              127Green light
              128Yellow light
              129Red light
              131Flashing lights
              132Pedestrian controls
              133Pedestrian controlled signal
              134Lane direction control signals
              135Obstruction of signal prohibited
              135.1Prohibition against obstruction of traffic light safety devices
              136Commercial advertising
              137Altering signal
              138Work in progress
              139Erection of speed sign
              140Obedience to speed signs
              141Obeying flagger
              141.1Obeying traffic control person
              142Removal of temporary sign
              143Newly painted lines
              144Careless driving prohibited
              145Slow driving
              146Speed limits
              147Schools and playgrounds
              148Excessive speeding
              148.1Fines for speeding offences
              148.2Speeding offences — defence related to signs
              149Meeting school bus
              150Driver on right
              151Driving on laned roadway
              151.1When drivers must not use leftmost lane
              152High occupancy vehicle lane
              153Bus lane
              153.1Designated use highway
              153.2Designated use lane
              154Passing when meeting vehicle
              155Highway lines
              156Suspension of sections 151 and 155
              157Duty when overtaking
              158Passing on right
              159Passing on left
              160Clear view on passing
              161Obedience to traffic control devices
              162Following too closely
              163Divided highways
              164Entering controlled access highway
              165Turning at intersections
              166Turning left other than at intersection
              167Turning right other than at intersection
              168Reverse turn
              169Starting vehicle
              169.1Yielding to bus
              170Signals on turning
              171Means of signalling
              172Left hand drive signals
              173Yield signs
              174Yielding right of way on left turn
              175Entering through highway
              176Emerging from alleys
              177Approach of emergency vehicle
              179Rights of way between vehicle and pedestrian
              180Crossing at other than crosswalk
              181Duty of driver
              182Pedestrian walking along highway
              182.1Motor assisted cycles
              183Rights and duties of operator of cycle
              184Bicycle safety helmets
              185Railway crossings
              186Stopping at intersections
              187Where parking prohibited
              188Police may move parked vehicle
              189When vehicle stopping prohibited
              190Manner of parking
              191Leaving parked vehicle
              192Parking on private property
              193Caution in backing vehicle
              194 Motorcycles
              195Requirements for moving vehicle
              196Travelling through canyons
              197Coasting down grade
              198Following fire vehicle
              199Driving over fire hose
              200Driving on sidewalk
              201Sign as evidence
              203When opening door prohibited
              204Depositing articles on highway
              206Transporting explosives
              207Warning devices
              208Winter tires and traction devices
              209Regulations respecting highways
              209.1Ministerial regulations
              210Power to make regulations
              211Power to establish forms
              211.1Power to prescribe for electronic information
              212Regulations respecting safety
              212.1Carrier's duty to provide information
              212.2Regulations respecting vehicles having safety certificates
              213Evidence of weight of vehicle or load
              Part 3.1 — Use of Electronic Devices while Driving
              214.2Prohibition against use of electronic device while driving
              214.3Exceptions to prohibition — emergency personnel
              214.4Exceptions to prohibition — certain permitted activities
              214.5Exceptions to prohibition — by regulation
              214.6Power to make regulations
              Part 4
              21524 hour prohibition
              215.1Review of driving prohibition
              215.3Decision of the superintendent
              215.424 hour impoundment of motor vehicle
              215.41Immediate roadside driving prohibition
              215.42Right to second analysis
              215.43Effect of driving prohibition under section 215.41
              215.44Additional consequences — monetary penalty
              215.46Additional consequences — impoundment of vehicle
              215.47Duties of peace officer related to driving prohibition under section 215.41
              215.48Review of driving prohibition under section 215.41
              215.49Considerations on review under section 215.48
              215.5Decision of superintendent after review under section 215.48
              215.51Regulations — immediate roadside driving prohibitions
              216Vehicle inspections
              217Inspectors, inspection facilities and standards
              218Standards and approvals
              218.1Driver control programs
              219Equipment of motor vehicles
              220Seat belt assembly
              221 Repealed
              222Sale of motor vehicle contrary to regulations
              223Canada Safety Standards
              230Report of health professional
              231Not in force
              231.1Smoking in motor vehicle prohibited
              Part 5
              232Suspension on conviction for certain offences
              233Reinstatement of suspended licence
              234Driving while suspended
              235Driver to surrender licence
              236Stay of suspension against driving
              Part 6 — Carriers
              238Operating requirements for business vehicles
              239Power to search business vehicles
              240Liability for act or omission of employee
              Part 7
              Part 8 — Police Accident Reports
              249Accident reports by police officer
              Part 9 — Motor Vehicle Impoundment
              251Impoundment of motor vehicle
              252Liability for impoundment
              253Period of impoundment
              254Duties of peace officer
              255Storage of impounded motor vehicle
              256Review of impoundment
              257Considerations for review of impoundment
              258Decision of superintendent on review of impoundment
              259Review of driving prohibition
              260Considerations for review of driving prohibition
              261Decision of superintendent on review of driving prohibition
              262Early release of motor vehicle on grounds of economic hardship
              263Early release of motor vehicle on compassionate grounds
              264Release of motor vehicle after impoundment period
              265Owner's right against driver
              266Superintendent may indemnify for wrongful impoundment
              268Power to make regulations — Lieutenant Governor in Council
              269Power to make regulations — superintendent
              Part 10 to 12
              270-303Not in force
              Part 13 — Pilot Projects
              304Regulation-making powers respecting pilot projects
              305Three-year time limit for regulations for pilot projects under this Part